You likely already know that the most crucial reason to have egress windows installed in your basement is for safety. Traditionally, basement windows are small. They are narrow and short, and a person would never be able to fit through one to escape if they had to. That is why the law stipulates that if you are going to use your basement for living space, you must have two ways to get in and out of the basement. Most basements only have one door that goes in and out, so having unique windows installed is the answer. However, these windows are not just for safety. Even homeowners who are not turning the basement into an in-law apartment or adding another bedroom to the basement are getting these larger sized windows put into the basement.

These windows flood the basement with natural light. Even if you do not spend much time there, the natural light is great to have.

  • The sunlight diminishes your chances of getting mold.
  • The basement stays warmer, which helps protect your pipes in the winter.
  • Save money on the cost of heating your home since the added warmth from the basement rises through the house.
  • Basements are known for being creepy and unpleasant. However, when you have these new, larger windows installed, they do not feel scary at all.

Your new windows will add a pleasing aesthetic to your home. The basement will be a more pleasant area when you are down there. The outside of your home will look more beautiful with larger windows as well.

Are You Selling Your Home in the Future?

If you plan to sell your home in the future, you will be glad that you had these windows installed. They instantly add value to the house, which could mean a more significant profit for you. Your basement windows could be one of the things that helps potential buyers make up their minds to choose your house over another.

Once you have these windows installed, if you ever do decide to use your basement as a living space, you’ll already have a large part of the project completed. You’ll love the difference that these windows make in your home. They are lovely for both the inside and outside of your dwelling. Your property will look so much better with larger windows in your basement.